Progress of Spire Restoration

After 2 years of investigations, examinations, applications, fund raising etc., work finally started on restoring our spire at the beginning of May 2016. This album depicts the various stages of the construction work.

There are 24 photos for this gallery.
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The church before work commenced. Architect inspecting by cherry picker. The scaffolding is starting to be erected.
The scaffolding is now complete. Removed shingles A view inside the spire once the shingles were removed.
Removal of clock faces. Clock faces and weather vane at ground level. A surprise nest
Extending the spire. Replacing battens Renovating the upper masonry
What our new shakes will look like. The extendedf eves Renovated clock face
Part of the restored weathervane. Curate, Rev. Jane Winter at the top of the spire. Metal clock faces
Slate clock face On top of the world The church then and now
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