For Our Benefice

We became a single benefice with St Andrew's Orpington on Sunday 17th May 2015.
Here are some prayers we offered to help us prepare for this new venture:

Becoming the body of Christ in Cray Valley

Constant God we confess to you that we do not like change;
We know it brings fresh opportunities and new adventure
But it also makes us anxious and concerned:
we worry that we will lose  parts of our worship
and church life that are precious and help us to know you.
We do not know how our future together will be.
By your Spirit, forgive our lack of trust in you.
Help us to be honest with each other about our concerns
and turn us to serve your world also disturbed by change.
We pray in Jesus’ name Amen

Being the body of Christ in Cray Valley

Constant God we commit our future to you
trusting in your calling and your plan for Cray Valley.
We offer to you all that we are;
shape us into the church you need for our local communities;
fill us with your Spirit so in our new benefice we can be
your witnesses: demonstrating your love, compassion and hope.
Teach us to work for your justice, to speak your peace
and to live in your peace so your kingdom may come in Cray Valley
We pray in Jesus’ name Amen