JaM (Jesus And Me)

As JaM leaders, we are helping the children to love and follow Jesus. We hope we help them to learn how to live in His footsteps, to care for others and understand the world they live in.

Our meetings take place on Sundays at the same time as the Church services. (11 – 12pm).

On the 3rd Sunday of the month the children and leaders take part in the Church service.

On the other weeks, we meet in the Church Centre just across the road from the church.



We start our sessions with a welcoming prayer, sometimes from the children. We make a point of introducing new children to everyone. Also celebrating birthdays is very important to our group.

We will often play a game to introduce the Bible story, and then the children in their own groups listen to or read the story, which is usually one of the Bible readings heard in church.

A variety of activities and resources follow the story, depending on the children’s ages:

  • Retelling the story by acting out with puppets or miming. 
  • Taking part in a quiz.
  • Filling in a word search, or work sheet.
  • Practical activities such as making models or planting seeds.
  • Discussions about the teachings of Jesus.
  • We all return to church for the Eucharist either to receive bread and wine, or a blessing from the priest.
  • At the end of the service, the children show and explain their time at JaM.          

At present JaM has about 8 families coming fairly regularly. We encourage the children to bring their friends to social activities as well as to JaM.