Bells-Quarter Peal for Don Pointer

Happy 80th birthday Don!

And most of you will know, Don is a long standing member of the band and has given unstinting support to new comers and experienced ringers alike.  His caring and easy going style has lifted many a ringer as they struggled with learning something new.

Until recently, Don was Tower Captain for many years, but last year Don was appointed President of the St Mary's Guild of Ringers and stepped aside to allow Nigel to don (please excuse the pun) the mantle of Tower Captain.  This family connection has been the mainstay of the St Mary's band for some time now, and this was reflected in the band that rang the quarter peal.

                                1.  Ruth Pointer. ( Don's daughter-in-law)

                                2. Nigel Pointer. Conductor (and Don's son)

                                3.  Don Pointer (President)

                                4.  Louise Price (Deputy Tower Captain)

                                5.  Bethany Pointer (Dons' granddaughter)

                                6.  Tamsin Pointer (Dons' granddaughter)

There is a photo of the band in Gallery under Church Life and Events.

Carry on ringing and supporting the band.